Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to school for me!

Well, I am officially a college student- I am excited and scared at the same time! This past week we were given a preview week of the courses and I'm really thankful for it. All of my courses I'm taking online- I love the convienence of it! I mean, if I want to log on at 3AM and work, I can- who could ask for something better than that! This preview week has gotten me used to using the SUNY ANGEL online network and a chance to 'meet' my instructors and fellow 'classmates'. It also gave me the chance to see one course I had chosen was not something I was going to enjoy, so I switched it out for something different.

All in all, I am looking forward to the next 15 weeks and I could only hope that it stays as easy as this past week has been. By far, my most challenging class will be English. I don't claim to be a writer - I write like I talk, and I don't usually care about using all of the correct grammer rules that I should- so, it will really be hard for me to adjust to doing so.

Who would have thought you could completely go to school online now- grant it, they are trusting you to learn and not fake it, etc.- then again, you are paying for it so if you want to waste your money- what do they care? It's funny, that I'm eager to learn now and truthfully, could have cared less about it when it high school- how times change and how you do get a little wiser with age!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365 - Day ??

Well, I have fully come to the understanding that taking a photo a day is not always as easy as it seems - I lead a boring life- I'm not sure what to take a photo of everyday- besides just everyday random things - which seems a little pointless now that I think about it - so, I think that my project 365 might turn into a project 200 instead LOL - quality- not quantity right?!?!

On a sadder note- as many of you know- I live in a very rural area and today my neighbor was robbed- pretty sure it was an inside job- however, makes one wonder what society is coming to- it seems more and more crimes are peeking into out little neck of the woods that you normally wouldn't think of happening here.

I remember growing up, my father and mother both saying time and time again- it's just not as safe as it was when we were kids- it's terrible to think that I'm now saying that to my children and really meaning it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365 - Day 10

Posted a day late- hubby went to Gouverneur to visit his family yesterday and took my camera before I had a chance to get this photo off from it- this is my daughter's kitty Luna- we've had her a little over 3 years now and she is strictly an indoor cat.

She knows she's not supposed to be up on the washer, but she decided laying down on Alex's shorts was a good thing to do- so before I booted her down - I took this photo.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365 - Day 9

Well, I have posted a photo of my dad and brother plowing the snow away, so it only seems fitting that I capture my son Alex doing it as well. This is one of his- I don't want my picture taken looks :O) - gotta love teens!

Today he is out helping my father get some of the excess snow plowed away- during the winter with the snow- our lawns and anything else site become places to plow the snow to- this is because the more you can get back away from the driveway and parking areas before the next storm- the better off you are, because you can only push the snow so far.

It sure is cold oustside today- only 7 degrees out- I took mom to Walmart and P&C today- she called and asked me if I wanted to go, and I said no at first, but then decided I'd hibernated long enough and it would do me some good to get out as well - so I called her back and told her I'd take her in my car. I am glad to be back in the nice warmth of my home though!

The rest of the day is going to be spent doing laundry, making brownies and I'm cooking a chicken in the oven for dinner.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Project365- Day 8

Just after I decided to take on this challenge- Megan arrived back home from Tru North with one of Alex's favorite things in this world to eat-- PIZZA- so it seemed like a good thing to write about- but I didn't know all the details I wanted- so I had to email my father for help! (He’s a walking genius I tell you- even in what he calls his senile state- he knows more facts about everything than most people in their prime!) - Anyways-- a little background on the Pizza place-

In the small hamlet of Flackville, NY located on the corner of St Lawrence County Route 10 and New York State Route 68, a few miles from Ogdensburg toward Canton, there is a business establishment named Tru-North Pizza. Prior to it’s use for that purpose it was long a combination garage, gas station, and country store owned by Paul and Esther McKeever. The McKeever family bought the store from Harry Cross in the 1960s. Harry and his wife had run the establishment for twenty to thirty years before selling it to the McKeever family. Esther McKeever was the former Esther Cox, whose parents ran a greenhouse a half mile from Flackville on the road to Lisbon. (Thanks dad for this info)

As a child growing up about 1 1/2 miles from Mckeevers it was a place I visited often- I have to say I absolutely ADORED Esther - as I got older and started to drive I'd stop in there for gas, a candy bar-- whatever and Esther was always so so nice and chatty-- asking about my parents, how everything was going - just general conversations I'm sure she had with nearly everyone who went into there- but she always made you feel right at home. When I was growing up, you'd walk in the door and to the right used to be the checkout counter and you could count on her to be there everyday.

Sometime after I graduated from high school - which was 1989- their son took over the business and renamed it Tru North- he established it as a well-known deli/pizza place in the area and it complimented the deli/pizza place he already owned in nearby Heuvelton. Scott ran it for many years until selling it to Shelly Jock Bebee a few years ago who continues to run it to this day.

Shelly has continued on with the Pizza/Deli items and expanded it to include Friday fish fry’s and other items - and the outside gas pumps that are most likely original to the store still pump the gas for all the locals. Shelly has become a HUGE supporter at the local school my kids attend - she provides HUGE goodie bags for monthly FROG club recognitions, donates pizza's for dances, sells pizza's below costs to groups so they can make money for trips and the list goes on. The community is very lucky to have someone like her not only sharing/giving all she can, but also carrying on this business that was established so many years ago.

Now that you have a little history about Tru North-- don't forget to stop in and say hello to Shelly and the staff the next time you are out and about- the pizza is delicious!

I'm taking on the Project 365 challenge! - Care to join me??

OK.,. so we are a week into 2010 already- but today is the day I read about doing this project on my friend HoneyB's Blog ( link to the right of this post) - so I'll be a few photos short since today is the 8th- but I do have a few photos of this past week- so it won't be a complete week without photos!

The Project 365 is basically a photo a day for the year to capture your life - you can read more about it here -- - although I'm sure this isn't the first person to come up with the idea- people have been doing this for years- it just seems like something fun to do!

To recap the beginning of my year and to get the project started on my end- here are the photos I have managed to take this year so far --

This photo was taken January 3rd - my brother plowing us out.

This one was taken January 4th- my dad plowing us out - notice it's still snowing!

Hmmmm-- that's all the photos I have so far for different days this year! LOL - I am off to take a photo of  'something'- got to figure out what- then I'll be back to post it for today's photo!

Are you ready for the challenge? I'd love to see your world in 365 (more or less) photos!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is it worth?

If you look below at the Christmas photos- you will notice my daughter is wearing a simple necklace that is made with a stone that really has no monetary value- but that might as well be gold to her.

A few years ago, the necklace was given to her by my father - one day she saw it in his desk drawer I believe and asked him about it and he gave it to her. My daughter and my father have always had a very special bond since she was born- they are as close as two people could possibly be I think. Megan loves him so much, and the feeling is very mutual- it's a very unconditional love as love should be - but I'm afraid today Meg's not feeling that and my heart is breaking for her.

See-- she wears this necklace all the time- day in-- day out- she has  this necklace on- it's a necklace that my uncle (my father's brother Ron) had made for my grandmother a very long time ago. Both my uncle and grandmother have passed away now- but my uncle used to tinker about making this and that for my grandmother and others.

Well  this morning not more than an hour after she left for school she called just sobbing on the phone that the stone to the necklace had fallen out and she couldn't find it- she'd only been to one class- so her steps at school for the day were limited- but still - she even went to where the car was parked at school looking for it and looking inside the car- her dad looked for it outside here and we looked inside the house-- still-- the stone is not to be found- she's heartbroken - sobbing- because of the sentimental value of this necklace - not only because it was made by her great uncle for her great-grandmother- but because it was something her "baldy" (pet nickname for her grandfather) had given to her and trusted her with. I think as much as she is upset over the stone being gone, she is as much worried her grandfather is going to be upset with her for losing it- which I know couldn't be further from the truth - and even though I just told  her that when she called again- I don't think at this point it's sunk in.

So what is it worth? Money wise- nothing really- it's was just a stone on a piece of cheap metal shaped to mount and hold the stone- but sentimentally- it was/is worth everything to Meg. I truly hope by some miracle it's found at school today and returned to her.

UPDATE: Megan just called again from school and she FOUND the stone-- I'm SO SO SOooooo thrilled for her - miracles do happen :o)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Vacation Comes to an End

Well, the kids are back to school today after 12 days off-- this vacation seemed to go by really fast- and neither are really ready to go back lol!

I wasn't going to let Meg drive to school today- but there were no delays anywhere and the road seemed to be fairly cleaned off-- so hopefully she makes it ok- it's only 5 miles away and she only needs to take one other road besides ours to get there - so not to big of a deal.

Christmas was good-- kids both got a lot of iems they wanted- but it's just not 'fun' anymore- not like it was when they were little anyways- it was always so much fun to have the anticipation of Santa- the baking of cookies- stringing popcorn for the tree-- yes-- we used to do all these things- but now with two teens in the house- they could care less if we even put up decorations!

I wasn't feeling well on Christmas day- and it's the first Christmas I have not had dinner with my parents in all of my 38 years- even though I live just across  the driveway from them- I didn't go over this year and it's sorta bumming me out looking back on it- but at the time- I just didn't feel like moving or smelling food. The kids did go over though of course and had a terrific time as always - it's a tradition to always open presents here at home- then go to my parents and then their for Christmas dinner. Christmas dinner at my parents is the one tradition the kids look most forward to even though they could eat there everyday if they like lol.

Here are a few photos to share- hopefully I'll be updating the blog more often - although I'm starting back to college later this month and I have no idea how that's going to go- I haven't been in school in 20 years!

Notice how much shorter Megan is than Alex - and she's 2 1/2 years older- I hate to tell her, but I don't think she's going to get much taller-- and yet, Alex keeps growing!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January's Snow

They were calling for up to 14 inches by tonight- if it keeps going- we might make it-- we've gotten several inches so far since Friday afternoon- here is what it looks outside my house right now-- these photos were taken this morning-

This is my brother plowing out my driveway and my parents as well- with his "bumble bee"

View From My deck towards the neighbors across the street

Looking towards my parents- my mother's car

My car next to my deck - had already been cleaned off of several inches of snow and is getting covered again!

My father's Truck

Anyways-- this is our current world in NNY!
Stay warm!!