Saturday, June 26, 2010

Megan has graduated!



I still don't really have words for the graduation experience at this point- other than to say it was wonderful - but will share some photos of her for now --

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to my Dad

I have to admit, I honestly didn't realize Father's Day was even today until I read a bunch of posts on Facebook where people were saying Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. When I was a child, these little "holidays" always seemed like such a big day to me- WOW a day just for Dads, Moms, and so on- how neat and I'd go out of my way to create something for the day or whatever. As I grew older, I would have a special meal - then as I've grown even older, had my own kids and so on, I tend to think these "holidays" are just a way to get people to spend money on senseless things- do I really need to buy a plaque that says You're the BEST dad, or a $5 paper card that will be tossed in a drawer to tell him I love him? I used to think so, but not anymore. To me, it's just another day whether it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, President's day, Easter, or whatever. I'm not a big holiday person.

My dad and I have always been close - when I was little I would sit on his lap and count his "boo boos" on his hands- my father worked hard every day to provide for us and would come home with numerous little cuts and scrapes- I don't know why I like to count them all, but I did. I also was fascinated with combing his hair- again, I would do this over and over- comb it, mess it up, and comb it again- and he let me.

I remember once or twice a week we would go to my Uncle Burt's Farm to get milk fresh out of the tank at his farm. We had 4 big gallon ( or bigger?) glass containers that fit into a wooden crate and we'd go over, visit for a bit and then gather the milk up in these jars and bring them home. We did this until Dad had his heart attack and they said he should be healthier in his eating- I think this is when we switched and started buying 2% from the store - I believe the milk from the farm would have an inch or two if cream on the top you'd have to skim off from it.

My dad took the family camping every summer and I have many found memories of camping with family and friends growing up. We took Motorcycle trips - whether it be for the day or him picking me up from my sister's in Virginia and bringing me home on the motorcycle.

My dad bought me cars to drive, didn't kill me when I got into accidents - just replaced the windshield, headlights, or whatever and took it all in stride.

We used to go get he newspaper at Fay's Drug store just about every night during the week for a long period of time. Dad was always doing something crazy like walking around the entry way bushes in circles just to embarrass me- I remember one time in the store, he looked in his wallet and told me he had $5 - it was all he had until the end of the week, but if I wanted something, I could get it- I told him no, I didn't want anything- and it's not like the only time he'd ever asked me if I wanted something I'm sure- I was always getting little trinkets- but that one time has stuck in my mind for many many years.

In the summer my dad would sometimes come pick me up when he was working if he had to go a long distance for the day and take me with him- I used to feel so special getting to go in his work truck and be with him for the day- it was always so much fun- and I'd tag along at night sometimes helping him fix someones furnace that had called- let me tell you- girl or not- I bet if I had to,  I could bleed a furnace line, adjust the height of the flame and change a nossil- I'm sure I was more of a pain to him at times that helpful, but never the less, along I went.

I was a pain in the butt growing up and probably sometimes as an adult as well, but I never once felt as if I didn't have this unconditional love from my dad. I'm so very thankful that my kids have grown up knowing him and felt this love as well. My kids adore my father and their entire life is filled with wonderful memories of him just like mine.

I could keep going on and on and on about my dad- as you can see, I have many many fond memories of my dad- I truly love my dad and appreciate everything he's always done and continues to do for me. I don't think he needs a "special day" for me to tell him I love him- because I know he knows how special he is to me each and everyday.

Dad- Happy Father's Day- not just today, but everyday- I love you and am so very thankful to have you in my life, living right next door, sharing the joys of the kids with me and continuing to make wonderful memories.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Megan's Class Ring

Yesterday the UPS truck stopped here and Meg grabbed the package and brought it in to me- it had an address on Minn. on it, but no company name or anything. I had no idea what it was, so I opened the package with her standing about two feet from me. Upon opening it, I still didn't know what it was- it appeared to be a little black box with a cardboard/paper thing over it- I was reading that as I was pulling the black box out from inside of it- I said " OH!! It's your class ring" before I could even stop myself.  I had ordered in on May 24th, but did not receive notice that it had shipped yet, so I had no idea. It was a surprise that the package was the ring- well of course there was no turning back as to what it was- so no special moment so to speak to present her with the ring- but she loves it and that is all the really matters.
Class rings have come a long was since I got mine 20 years ago, and they carry a pretty price tag as well. Here are a few photos of it- she of course designed it herself and I wasn't to keen on it when she designed it, but now that it's here- I adore it and it fits her personality perfectly- it's hard to tell, but there are two diamond accent stones on each side of the bigger stone.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random thoughts and happenings

It's been a while again since I've posted anything here- during the day, I can never seem to think of anything to post- then at night while laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I think of lots of things, but always forget by the morning! I think I need a notepad to write things down on! Anyway- I thought I'd just do a random post of things that have been happening here as well as random thoughts on things-

Finally got the house sided completely- I had to hire someone else to do it that cost me $650 - I'm still frustrated about the whole ordeal- but got tired of waiting over 3 years for what took the new people less than 8 hours to complete- which honestly made me even more upset that it took such little time, yet the original person hired to do the job couldn't take time and come back to finish it. My mother gets upset with me that I don't just forget about it - and I've really tried, but it's a matter of principle- not to mention the fact if it wasn't family I paid to do the job, it never would have dragged on this long. Most people would have taken the issue to court to get the money back, and had it not been family I might have, but as annoyed as I am, I'd never go down that route with family.

It's getting closer and closer to Meg's graduation- only 10 more days- I can't wait for her to be done with high school, but I think it's going to be a LONG summer for her. She is really anxious to get to SLU and is already bored with nothing to do. I've been encouraging her to get a job- not for the money of it really, but for something to do and it will do her good to get out of the house and around people. I think she's going to have a big awakening when she goes to college with all the different people around her!

Alex has just two more regents to take this week and he will be done with everything for the school year- still on pins and needles to see which classes he will end up passing. I know these two regents he must pass in order to get credit for the course- so I'm crossing fingers that he does. He thinks he did really well on his social and English finals and he probably did- but I'm not sure it will be enough to carry him into a passing overall average. I think- I hope he's finally learned his lesson though that he can't expect to breeze through the classes anymore without doing homework. I'm hoping for a better school year in the fall, but I don't know... time will tell. It's frustrating because he's so smart- but just doesn't want to apply himself. He dislikes school SO much.

My niece Katie came for a visit for a few days- it was great to see her- she's now back in Texas living with her mom again - I hope that it goes well- I hope she doesn't fall back into the same pattern as she was in a year ago. She has goals to get a job and go to college- so I hope she goes through with it and keeps that attitude up.

I've been really extremely bored without my college classes- I ended the semester on the Dean's list, which was pretty nice- that 4.0 really boosted my confidence - and made me think- wow, if only I'd cared back 20 years ago, how things might be different today- but we can't live in the what ifs and in reality- I wouldn't change anything, because I love my kids immensely and wouldn't ever want life without them.

Although I'm bored- I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything- I should be working on my websites, I should be adding photos to my dad's website, I should be going researching with him, I should be doing lots of things- or could be doing lots of things- put it that way- but I just have no motivation. The last few weeks with Alex and school have been emotionally draining though, and I think it's just all catching up with me- where I just don't want to do anything.

Well, that's some of what's been going on here- it will be another day of doing laundry, dishes, floors, etc. - nothing to exciting- but I'm glad to see that the sun is out today even if it is only 57 degrees!