Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama

Well, it's finally happened-- we have a new president and the country as a whole I think is ready to jump in and do their part for change.

I was so looking forward to watching the ceremonies on TV - however, we lost our power at 7:15 AM and did not get it back on until 5:00 PM last night - now, 364 days out of the year, I would not have the TV on during the day- I'm not a big fan of it to begin with, but during the day I just don't watch it- however, on the one day I really was looking forward to sitting in my cozy chair with a cup of hot cocoa and taking in everything - we loose power-- what luck is THAT! Now, I could have gotten the generator out and started it up, etc. but hubby had to be gone, so I don't like having it going when he isn't around just in case something was to happen with it.

Anyways, when the power did come on I of course jumped for the remote and was able to catch some of the parade as well as recaps of the days events and the balls later on in the evening. I was disapointed not to see everything live-- watching it all in recaps was not as exciting and I knew it wouldn't be! However, what matters most is that he's in office and hopefully America will get back on track some - we can't get much worse off can we?!!??

On a non political note- It's going to be interesting to see how much press coverage Michelle Obama and the girls get - this is going to be interesting I think to watch that aspect of it- I think the press are going to be hounding these people for photos, interviews, etc. - it's exciting to have such 'people persons' in the White House - but I also hope they are given respect and privacy along the journey they are embarking on as well.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing what a little paint can do

My daughter Megan who is 16 has entirely to many clothes-- now, I really can't gripe about that to much because after all - I am the one who purchases them for her ( or gives her the money to do so ) -- but, she kept griping she didn't have enough room and needed another dresser - well, we live in a very rural area and there isn't much of a selection of anything here - and with the weather the way it's been, I haven't wanted to venture out to many places on the search for a new dresser - so, about a week ago, I suggested she use an old dresser of mine that was empty and just in our storage room - and old it is-- it's a dresser my parents had ever since I was a child and one that I used at one point growing up - so how old it actually is, I'm not sure- but I'd say at least 40 years old ( I'm 37 ) - but it's still in really good shape ( to bad they don't make things that last that long now a days) -- anyways, she was opposed to it at first and then got to thinking well, she could paint it to match her room - and that was a new adventure for her - so off we went to buy a little bit of paint yesterday and she's been in her glory painting since - white base, with pink and blue trim because her room has pink/blue flower designs on the wall-- I must admit she is doing a great job with it and it looks nice- so, as I've said in the past- it's amazing what a little paint can do to revive something old and not looking to inviting!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Year - A New Blog

I'm really going to work on networking with people for my online stores this year in hopes of furthering my customer database but I will also be using this blog as a personal blog as well- so readers will get a little big of everything here!