Monday, December 14, 2009

Just A Short Note--

WOW-- I just realized that it's been over a month since I've posted anything here- so thought I'd check in!

I have been busy helping my daughter with the high school yearbook ( a long story there) but the senior section is almost completed- so that will be a big relief!

The kids are doing well in school- 2nd terms report cards just came in and both did terrific- Alex could bring a couple of his grades up some- but he's passing and certainly doing a lot better than last year-- so can't complain to much! Vacation starts the 23rd for them- they can't wait!

The house is completely decorated for Christmas- I've had everything up since about a week before Thanksgiving- a little early- but it takes a few days to get everything up and I like to be able to enjoy it all.

I've also been listening to holiday music on XM 801 on Direct TV all day long-- nothing like a little holiday cheer! :O)

All of the kids presents are wrapped and under the tree except for a few last minute things- as they get older their wants become more expensive so there is less presents- yet, still things they want.

Oh well-- I've got to finish dishes and change the laundry around so I better get going for now-- hopefully I'll be posting again sooner than later!