Monday, July 27, 2009

Husband REFUSED to be looked at by the Doctor today!!!

Saturday evening, my husband started to get really congested -- now it's Monday and he's worse - not to be gross, but he is hacking up yellow and green stuff and his nose is filled with it, etc. - obviously (to me anyways) he has an infection that's started and should be seen by doctor before it gets worse -- SO, he is a war time vet ( Desert Storm ) and goes thru the Veteran's Administration for all of his treatment- we live about 45 minutes to the closest clinic that he can use- but, the treatment is free so it's worth the gas to drive there-

So I called the clinic this morning, talked with the receptionist and then the NURSE-told the NURSE exactly what was going on and EXACTLY when it started, etc. - she first gave him an appointment for tomorrow- but then called ME back and says, we just had a cancellation, and while it's not his regular doctor, he can and SHOULD be seen - so can he come at 2:30-- SURE I said-- great-- no problem- we will be there- I also said he is also scheduled for some routine blood work-- can we get that done as well since we are going to save a trip in a few weeks-- SURE - no problem- so I get hubby up and we trek the journey to the clinic-

First thing he does is go to the window and checks in and asks for the blood work papers so he can go do that while waiting for the appointment- the receptionist looks at the clock and says -- ohhh it's 2:10 - you can't do it- blood work must be done BEFORE 2:00 PM--- BIG SIGH-- A LITTLE frustrated the nurse didn't mention this earlier when I talked with her-- but oh well- he will come back- what can you do about it now-- frustrating-- annoying-- so we were a little early for the appointment now- but no biggie- we just sat and waited-- and waited and waited-- typical clinic were you wait longer than it takes to be seen- after a LONG while, this lady comes to get us who I'm assuming is the person he's seeing- (she did not introduce herself at all)-- doesn't hold a conversation on the way to the room-- nothing-- ok-- no biggie I guess-- so we get to the room and hubby sits up on the exam table and she sits down at her desk in the chair there and says so what can I do for you- hubby STARTS to explain how he is hacking up the yellow and green stuff and can't breathe etc - she interrupts him and says when did this start - he said Saturday and she SNOTTILY says well I'm not going to do anything for you it's not been at least SEVEN days-- I said what-- she says I'm not going to even examine him because it's not been seven days - I'm like WHAT? Why aren't you going to examine him? She said well he never should have been given an appointment-- I said well he WAS and we discussed SPECIFICALLY that the nurse addressed on the phone when it started, etc. - she was like well, she didn't have the knowledge to tell you to come in, only an RN would - I said then why didn't I talk with an RN then- she is who they gave me- she said, oh we don't have one -- HELLO-- what am I missing here?!!?!? By this time, I'm livid-- and so I'm like well we are here, it's his time- can't you just look at him and see what's up-- maybe there is an ear infection-- maybe it's in his lungs-- maybe he has swine flu-- I don't know- I'm NOT the doctor, but I'm not stupid either-- but NO NO NO- she would not even take two seconds to LOOK at him- to EXAMINE him at all even though she THINKS we should not even be there? I'm beside myself-- I can not believe it-- I'm like why did they tell us to come in then!?!? More to hubby that her and she puts her fingers and thumb together and says money-- that's why!! I had to walk out at that point-- I couldn't take her anymore- so I walked out to the receptionist and asked who I would make a complaint to and she asked why-- and I told her he was being refused treatment-- by this time hubby walked out the door he was so angry and upset- so then the receptionist, the nurse I'd talked to earlier, the Doctor ( or whatever she is-- prolly a PA) and another lady were all discussing why he was there and that it wasn't seven days, etc etc and all bickering among themselves and I gave up and left!!

I told hubby I'd stop at the clinic in Lisbon on the way home and see about getting him in there-- and of course they happen to be on vacation this week - lol- so he still hasn't been seen- he's in bed, feeling terrible- and I'm going to call the Syracuse VA tomorrow (or someone) which sponsors the clinic and see about reporting what happened today-- not that he's dieing by any means- I'm just beyond disbelief in the chain of events today and feel it's completely wrong- she could have said I normally don't see people until it's at least seven days, but since you are here- lets take a look-- and then decide if he should have something- if he should wait- call back in a few days if your still not better or whatever-- but we were THERE in her office, HIS appointment time- and he was refused treatment- I can not believe it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicken Wing Dip

Megan and her friend have been raving about Chicken Wing Dip for a few months now- so I had her get the recipe from her friend's Mom and I just got done making it - Meg says it's AMAZINGLY good - so I must have done something right! lol

Here is the recipe:

Chicken Wing Dip:

Cook 4-5 skinless boneless chicken breasts and let cool.
Chop chicken in food processor.
Add in 8 ounces Cream Cheese
Add in 8 ounces Shredded Cheddar or Monterrey Jack Cheese I used a combo pack made by Kraft that contains both kinds)
Add in 1/2-3/4 cup Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce
Add in 1/2-3/4 Cup Ranch Dressing

Mix well in the food processor if you have one or by hand.

Place in crock pot of low for 3 hours- it will melt down - stir occasionally.

Serve with Taco Chips - we are using tostito scoop chips

YUMM-- great snack tonight!

If you try it let me know what you think!