Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cancer - Enough Said

I have a lady (Kelly) that I have known online for a few years now- truth be told, I know her friend Danielle a lot better, but none the less- know Kelly as well. Last August her healthy 2 year old boy was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer- this was a shock- he was out playing in mud puddles one day and a few days later, their world changed forever. Ethan has been a fighter these past several months enduring rounds of Chemo and surgery- but, 6 weeks ago, they took out the remaining tumor in his abdoman and when they did scans this week, found it was back and bigger. Kelly was told today that they will do one more round of Chemo for 5 days, an intense treatment by the sounds of it- wait a few weeks and if the tumor has shrunk, they will go to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for radiation. If it has not, they told her this was it, they can't do anything more.

I can't imagine being this family or any family dealing with something like this- my stomach is literally sick feeling over it. My heart breaks for kelly and her family- and it certainly puts into perspective life in general.

I certainly am thankful for the many good things in my life- especially my kids- and especially thankful that the health issues we deal with are certainly minor compared to what they could be. I'm thankful they are happy, healthy teens.

Kelly is a strong woman- I honestly don't know how I could breathe, let alone go on day to day facing the challenges she is with a child of mine. I hope I never ever have to find out.