Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Son

It's so hard to believe that my 'baby' Alex is 15 today- where has the time gone - it's racing by- sometimes I wish I could catch it and hold onto it a little bit longer - before I know it, he's going to be a senior in high school like his sister is this year and then off on his own in the big world.

Like most parents and teens- we have our ups and downs- but the good far out ways the bad- I'm fortunate enough to have two terrific kids!

When Alex was born, he had trouble swallowing and eating and we didn't really know why until he got dehydrated and ended up in the hospital - it was then determined that he had large tonsils and adenoids- we were sent to see a doctor in Watertown who said he didn't think they needed to come out, but would take them out if we wanted him to- and I insisted he do it- it wasn't for the fact it was going to be fun for my son to have an operation at 18 months old of course- but it was because he had numerous ear infections, couldn't lay down flat very well, couldn't eat well, etc.- once removed, the doctor came out and told us that he had never seen such large tonsils and adenoids in a child before- they were larger than most adults and we had for sure made the correct choice in having them removed.

After all of this - Alex has a slow start in learning to talk- he was very very smart, he just wasn't getting his words out like he should - so at 3, we started him with speech therapy several times a week and it's one of the best things I could ever have done for him. They thought he might possibly have a stutter his entire life and once he started talking, he talked so fast you could hardly understand him- but after several years of speech therapy all was/is well and you would never know he had any of these problems as a young child. He does not have a stutter and his speech slowed down to a 'normal' rate. I can remember telling him when he was younger - Alex slow down, I can't understand you- and they warned me not to do that for it could make him talk slow-- as a mother sometimes you just know that that's not going to be the case- I kept telling him to slow down when he'd talk fast and he would stop, think and restart and talk perfect - he's come such a long way and I am so thankful he had no lasting problems with his speech.

Alex doesn't care much for school- and it's frustrating- because on state tests he will ace them and be one of the top two or three in his class on every single one of them- yet, he will barely be passing the classes- and this is simply because he is to lazy to do the school work and doesn't want to do the school work- this year that has changed some though- he's in 9th grade now and this year is going well- he has had one report card home and got really good grades- 85's and 90's even- I was very proud of him for this and I hope it continues for the rest of the year - although I'm not sure how he does it, because he doesn't ever do home work at home - thank goodness for study halls I guess!

Alex is very independent and outgoing unlike Megan. Megan is shy and reserved around people- where as Alex will walk up - shake hands and introduce himself to anyone- he will make the best of most situations and by the end of the day, have several new friends because of this.

I am thankful that Alex isn't into smoking, drinking or anything like that- the most I ever get upset with him about is not bringing dirty clothes out of his room or soda cans, or the occasional fight about not wanting to go to school- I would gladly take these types of arguments any day over what they could be about.

Alex does enjoy going camping and hunting with his grandfather- I'm so thankful my kids have grown up right next door to my parents- both of them have loving, caring, wonderful relationships with both their grandmother and grandfather - they have been such a part of the kids lives that they will never forget and I am sure will look back on one day with very many fond memories.

Anyways- I'm grateful to be here to celebrate my sons birthday with him- I'm grateful to be watching him grown into a fine young man- I'm grateful he is my son- I love him so much.

Happy Birthday Alex- you mean the world to me- I would be lost without you- your smile is infectious- your giggly laugh has always brightened the darkest of days- and although I might not always show it- I cherish each and everyday I have with you.

I love you so much-- here's to many many more birthdays!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meg's Senior Pics

These are 'raw' pics- we did have some enhancements added to some of them- the black is not an actual black in the photos we are getting-- more of a soft black with some grey mixed in- her name/year of graduation is on some, and I got a sepia pic as well-- these are just the basic pics before anything was done to them.