Monday, October 4, 2010

Yesterday Ben and I went for a drive to view the beauty of the season- it was a mostly sunny day and we had a terrific drive up through Colton, Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, St. Regis Falls and then back home again.

St. Regis Falls has terrific memories for me as we did a lot of camping there when I was growing up and made a lot of good memories with great friends. One of my favorite sounds in the entire world is to listen to the falls. I remember growing up, laying in the top bunk of the camper going to sleep and just listening to them and enjoying the sound- when we'd leave- I'd truely miss them - today sitting beside them brought back all of those memories. I could have stayed there for hours just listening and looking at the falls. Now, 25 years later, my father takes my son there fishing- hopefully one day, my son will take his kids there as well.

I have to admit though, the campground certainly has changed since we used to go there in a lot of ways- a new bridge has been installed across the water and there seems to be a lot of seasonal campers set up there- as there were satelites attached to trees to receive cable service and the campers had mini decks with lawn furniture on them and lots of yard decorations- certainly not what we saw when camping there lol -

Here are a few photos that we took while at the campground and in the village of St. Regis -

Here are a few taken along the route in Colton NY :

And a Few in Tupper Lake NY- we had fun feeding the 4 mallards and even the seagulls -

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  1. New York is one beautiful state! So many people think the extent of New York State is New York City. And we have this beautiful, pristine "ruralness" all around us. Very nice photos, Miss Donna.