Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cutting Board For Grandma

In school this year, Alex is taking a woodworking class- it's one of the classes he enjoys a lot. His first project of the year was to make a cutting board as seen in this photo:

The board is made of several pieces of wood that are glued together - I don't know exactly everything he did, but it started out as just raw pieces of wood and he had to cut, sand, plain, shape stain, etc. - I do know he got to use several tools and enjoyed the project a lot. He was pretty proud of his work on this and he should be as it turned out terrific!

The cutting board he gave to his grandma Lawton as a gift!


  1. This is a beautiful piece of woodworking, and to think I told him he couldn't do anything right. Just joking. It is super really, realy, nice.

  2. Good job well done, Alex! You can be proud of that! What is your next project?

  3. His next project is a Bat house Aunt Rosie- he's not to fond or excited to be making this one lol- but still enjoying working with the tools- It's nice to see you posting- I've missed reading about your daily ( or weekly ) happenings on your blog! Hope you are well!

  4. A bat house? that's an interesting thing to make! Is it going to be a bird house design?
    Great looking cutting board by the way. It's fun reading about your family!

  5. Nice! What is he gonna make for his mother's cousin in LaFayette?