Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back on Schedule

The past few weeks here have been torture with all the sickness going on! About 10 days ago, Alex got to not feeling to well- he started with a stuffed nose and dry throat and it moved on to a runny nose, fever, major deep cough and a hard time of breathing- three antibiotics and an inhaler later- not to mention the past 7 days off from school- and I think he's finally on the mend though! He could have went to school today, but I kept him home one more day just to be sure. He still has a cough, although not as bad as what it was, and I'm told that can last a long time still. He's down to using the inhaler only a couple of times a day and this last antibiotic seems to have done the job! So back to school tomorrow for him and hopefully all will go well!

On another note, Meg decided a few days ago she was going to get the flu out of the blue- we really don't know why- she hadn't really been around anyone to get it even- but she had a really rough 24 hours or so- went to the doctor's and got medicine and rebounded pretty fast, only to develop a cough and temp! Nothing to serious though and hopefully she will be completely better by next week when her college classes start back up!

Speaking of college - she starts Monday and work starts that week as well- she is looking forward to going back for the most part, but will be much happier if she can get into this one art class she needs to take before she can take any other studio art classes. She is currently wait listed for the class, but has talked to the professor and she has told Megan to come to class the first day- so hopefully that is a good sign that she will be able to get into it.

My classes have started this week - thankfully it's just a preview week though and they actually don't start until next Monday because the books I ordered on the 10th still haven't gotten here! I called about them Tuesday morning and they were going to ship them out, so I'm hoping UPS is going to show up with them yet today!

So, hopefully the sickness is gone from the house and everyone will be back on a schedule within the next week!

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